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Gfci Tamper Resistant - Ivory- 20 Amp

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This GFCI Tamper Resistant outlet is a complete, easy-to-install solution for your electrical needs. The slim design is 20 Amp and features tamper-resistant safety technology with an LED indicator light. The included wall plate ensures a professional finish. Safe and secure, this outlet is a reliable choice.

SELF TESTING FEATURE: Designed for reliable use in the home or at the office, this 20 Amp GFCI features a self-test function that regularly conducts an automatic internal test to ensure it can respond to ground fault.
AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: Equipped with an automatic shut-off function, this 3-prong GFCI outlet will cut the power to your electrical device as soon as it detects a power imbalance to protect against electrocution.
LED INDICATOR LIGHT: With an LED indicator light on the front panel of the GFCI outlet, you can easily check the status of GFCI power and protection.
SAFE DESIGN: Especially helpful with young children, the tamper-resistant design prevents objects from being inserted into the receptacle, preventing accidental electrocution.
CONVENIENT INSTALLATION: This 20 Amp GFCI outlet features a slim design and side and back wiring options for easy installation and comes with wall plate included.

  • GFCI safety outlet with self test feature
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • LED trip indicator
  • 20 AMP
  • Side and back wired
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